Our Team


Our Team

Welcome to south city ciderworks

We take cider making seriously, the rest is just fun.

Alex Martell


ACTUAL JOB:  Break things, fix things, buy things, and make things.

ABOUT ME: Alex fell in love with cider while on a work trip to the UK but found a lack of good options once back in the US. After a ton of home batches and some guidance from industry experts, Alex and Jenn decided to launch the cidery to share their passion with others. Alex maintains a full-time job for a tech company to support the financial needs of the cidery, this leaves his nights and weekends free to focus on growing their brand, building their expansion strategy, and supporting production needs.




Jenn Martell


ACTUAL JOB: Sales, distribution, reporting, and dealing with Alex and Greg. 

ABOUT ME: Playing an Irish sport introduced cider to Jenn early on. After visiting their home state of Virginia for a cidery tour during a wedding weekend, Alex and Jenn decided to do the California thing and stop just drinking cider and start making it. Jenn desperately wanted an easy-drinking can of cider that she could drink when all her friends were working through their cans of beer. Jenn now heads up sales on the Peninsula and South Bay and cider fermentation. She is also Overseer of Order for internal processes which allows her to start panicking whenever the others start talking about buying anything.


Greg Ruth


ACTUAL JOB: Production, Social Media Marketing, Sales and Deliveries for San Francisco and Oakland. But really his job is to lift heavy objects. 

ABOUT ME: After spending seven years in a career that had him sitting in front of the same computer screen day in and day out, Greg was ready for a change of pace. With a desire to create something tangible and dreams of moving to Scotland to learn how to make scotch running through his head, he lucked out when his friends, Jenn and Alex, asked him to join them for a new adventure in California. Greg happily accepted the offer and was moving across the country in October of 2014 to help build the business from the ground up. Along with the duties of being Head Mop Pusher Greg also heads up sales and deliveries in the City and Oakland, formulates and experiments with new cider recipes, and manages the pre and post fermentation processes of cider making at South City Ciderworks.