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Our Team


Our Team

Welcome to south city ciderworks

We take cider making seriously, the rest is just fun.

Alex Martell


ACTUAL JOB:  Break things, fix things, buy things, and make things.

ABOUT ME: Alex fell in love with cider while on a work trip to the UK but found a lack of good options once back in the US. After a ton of home batches and some guidance from industry experts, Alex and Jenn decided to launch the cidery to share their passion with others. Alex maintains a full-time job for a tech company to support the financial needs of the cidery. This leaves his nights and weekends free to focus on growing their brand, building out their expansion strategy, and supporting production needs.

FAVORITE CIDER: Winter seasonal, Spider Bites, and All the Good Hopped Names were Taken.




Jenn Root Martell


ACTUAL JOB: Sales, distribution, reporting, accounting, and dealing with Alex and Greg. 

ABOUT ME: Playing an Irish sport introduced cider to Jenn early on. After visiting their home state of Virginia for a cidery tour during a wedding weekend, Alex and Jenn decided to do the California thing and stop just drinking cider and start making it. Jenn desperately wanted an easy-drinking can of cider that she could drink when all her friends were working through their cans of beer. Jenn now heads up sales and deliveries on the Peninsula and South Bay. She is also Overseer of Order for internal processes which allows her to start panicking when the question of buying stuff comes up.

FAVORITE CIDER: I’m partial to the OG. But the Oaked Pom seasonal is a close second.


Greg Ruth


ACTUAL JOB: Production, Company Instagrammer. But really his job is to lift heavy objects. 

ABOUT ME: After spending seven years in a career that had him sitting in front of the same computer screen day in and day out, Greg was ready for a change of pace. With a desire to create something more tangible, he jumped at the opportunity to join Alex and Jenn in building a cidery from the ground up in California. Along with the duties of being Head Mop Pusher Greg runs cider production, formulates and experiments with new cider recipes, and manages the social media outlets so that we keep our fans up to date on our new releases and other news. 

FAVORITE CIDER: Of the flagships - I’d go with All the Good Hopped Names were Taken. Off all time - Greg’s Gable #3: Viking Scream.


Tim Decker


ACTUAL JOB:  SF and East Bay Sales

ABOUT ME: Tim is a Central California native who relocated to the Bay Area in 2013. After spending a few years in the beer industry he developed a love for all things fermented. When the opportunity arose to work in the field of cider he was excited to learn more about the production and business side of things. He’s looking forward to growing with South City Ciderworks and also to working on my own experiments in fermentation

FAVORITE CIDER: Our draft-only experimental “Greg’s Gamble” series


Brooks Martell


ACTUAL JOB:  Moral support and comic relief.

ABOUT ME: Super Mutt

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Answers to the most frequently asked questions


Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Is it gluten free?

Yes. All of our ciders are gluten-free. We use fresh, gluten-free yeasts to start each batch and only gluten free ingredients in our ciders. 


We've always enjoyed all kinds of beverages, but several years ago Jenn's gluten intolerance knocked beer off the list.  Our attention turned towards cider, but we found many of them to be too sweet. After tasting some amazing small craft ciders on a family visit to Virginia, we decided to start making our own. A couple of years of practice and a small warehouse later here we are. 

Is cider new to America?

Hard apple cider has a long tradition in the United States dating back to the birth of our nation. It was the main choice of beverage for early Americans including Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Apple seeds took well to the New England soil, and by the early 18th century New England was producing over 300,000 gallons of cider annually. Cider saw a decline during the temperance movement and subsequent arrival of German Brewers. Followed by Prohibition and the subsequent repeal many orchards had already been removed or transitioned to eating apples. The recent resurgence has brought back America's love for cider, and we look forward to its continued growth. 

Is it really just apples?

For the most part. We make cider using apples but use some of the processes from the wine and beer industries to finalize the product. Depending on which product we're making we'll choose the proper yeast and add it to fresh pressed juice to turn all the sugar into alcohol. Once fermentation is complete we'll then rack and rest to age the cider at which point the cider has no residual sugar. Then, depending on which product we're making we'll then back-sweeten with a certain amount of fresh pressed juice or dry-hop the tanks.  Finally, we'll use some sulfites to keep out the bad stuff (just like wine) and then carbonate (just like beer) and then it's off to packaging in cans, bottles, and kegs. 

My cider tastes a little different than the last time, What gives? 

At our core, we are craft cider. Since we use fresh-pressed juice (not from concentrate), and no two apples are the same, it is inevitable that each batch will turn out a little differently. We try our hardest to minimize the difference from batch to batch using science and a bit of art. Despite the possible variance, you can always count on a great can, bottle, or keg of cider!

Why are your cans so small? 

Don't hate. For most people in the US, cider is something new. We want to make an approachable, accessible, and easy to drink product for everyone including newcomers to cider. Our 12-ounce cans make it easy to pick up and enjoy in one sitting, and our 500ml bottles are great enjoyed alone or with a friend. We think our cans are perfect for camping or adventures out as they're much lighter to pack-in and pack-out, while the bottles work great for a nice dinner at home or in the city.  

Why South City?

While our space is physically in San Bruno, we associate the whole area with being South of San Francisco. We don't think this area gets enough attention being between The City and The Peninsula. It's more than just Genentech and the airport, and we wanted to draw attention to the hard-working area we think of as South City.